New Speed Page (Railgun Disappeared)

Hi there!

Hey, before the new Speed page came out (today), we had access to Railgun (On/Off toggle, etc) on this page. Railgun is being provided via our hosting service, SiteGround. We can turn it on/off in the back-end (Siteground), but not the front-end like we used to. Also, searched for Railgun in all other tabs and couldn’t find it (in case it had been moved elsewhere).

What’s going on?

Thank you!


I don’t use Railgun, but it’s not showing up in any of my zones, including Pro and Business plans.

I suppose you could use the API, but it’s definitely gone from the Dashboard. Try contacting Support:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support using the “Get More Help” button.


Interesting. Railgun is there for all my sites, the Upgrade to Business button for the ones on a Free Plan and the settings and ON/OFF toggle for my site on a Business Plan.

Even on the new Speed page? THat’s where mine are disappearing. The old pre-Speedtest pages still have it.

Actually my page was updated while I started to answer this.

Yes, Railgun is not showing anymore after the update to the new Speed page, but it’s still there for the non-Speedtest zones.


@Aviator thanks for bringing the issue. We intend to make new Speed page backward compatible with the old one so will bring Railgun settings back soon.


FYI: Railgun setting is available on the new Speed page under “Optimized Delivery” section.


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