New site went down


I just tried cloudflare. After changing the nameserver, everything looks ok, then the next day the website went down. I contacted my hosting company. They said it is because the DNS is pointing to Cloudflare and not to the hosting company.
Any other setting I need to change?

The error on the browser said server IP address could not be found.

Thank you

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That is a fundamental requirement and cannot be the reason for it.

Whats the domain and do you have an HTTPS certificate on your server?

the domain is
It is using let’s encrypt free auto SSL.
Now repoint the DNS to the hosting’s company’s DNS

It seems you didnt set up a “www” record, respectively it didnt get imported when you added the domain. If you set that up, I assume your site should load.

Or not. Check your DNS records on Cloudflare, something is off there. Make sure they point to the correct IP addresses.

how do i know it points where?
www record? not quite understand …

oh you meant, I should add this below manually:
damn, i cannot do copy and paste from that page, I added a bunch of garbage.
A then WWW then ip address then auto then proxied.

Just like that?


Can you post a screenshot of your DNS page?

Also, you should fix your nameservers. Either point to your host only or to Cloudflare only. Right now you point to both, which wont work.

Actually currently is pointing to the hosting company not to cloud flare.


You mean the one at the domain registrar?


The one? You need to fix your domain’s nameservers. Thats all.


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