New Site Using my email address to sign up to Cloudflare

Apologies if this is the incorrect place to add this, but I am new to this forum and haven’t used Cloudflare for may years.

I own techfleece[.]com but haven’t used it (I used to have a tech blog many years ago) as a site now for a long time.

Today, I saw attempts to activate Cloudflare on Techfleece[.]org, which is not a domain I purchased, but they appear to be trying to use my email address of techfleece[@]gmail[.]com to activate Cloudflare on, which is nothing to do with me.

This is I believe being abused, so please can you look in to any recent (this started today) Cloudflare sign ups using the techfleece[@]gmail address as this definitely was not me. My techfleece[@]gmail[.]com has 2FA enabled on it and has done for many years now, even though I rarely ever access that Gmail account.

However, I have seen multiple attempts to sign up for many things using my address in the past that have not been me.

Please can you look in to this to find out who created the techfleece[.]org account with you as I DID NOT even touch the email that requested verification for someone signing up for Cloudflare, so they must have used some other method to pretend to validate their new Cloudflare account with you using my techfleece[@]gmail[.]com address. I believe that that address will be used for abuse in the future given the way they attempted to use my gmail address to signup to Cloudflare.

I tried to send the above to the @CloudflareHelp account on Twitter, but I don’t think that is active any more.

The Whois info seems to relate to someone in Iceland.

I am from the UK, so unsure as to whom this is as most information is redacted.

Note I had to defang the addresses as they auto resolve in here and new posters are not allowed to add more that 4 links in posts

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

Cloudflare cannot take any punitive actions against someone else’s domain for merely having a similar name to yours.

Why not take over the account that is abusing your email address? While it won’t stop the long term mischief, it will impede their plot and may result in the abuser using their own email address when they create their next account.

Many thanks for the response.

I have deleted the Cloudflare account associated with this and their site has also gone offline, so they will have to signup again using a valid email I assume to get Cloudflare protection for their site moving forwards.

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