New Site shows 200 records on DNS!


I am trying to enable Cloudflare on a domain.
When I add it it searches the records and shows 200 records A that we don’t reconigze.

And that doesn’t appears on the current zone manager on WHM.

Records A like:

Until 200…

Do you know why appears these records that are not on the “original” ?

Thank you very much.


If you have a wildcard record, it will answer for every name on the list that Cloudflare checks.


Thank you very much for your reply.

I checked Zone DNS, subdomains, redirects, etc. and I don’t find a wildcard that causes to find more than 200 records and that prevents that I can add the new domain.

I have deleted it and add it with the same result.

Do you imagine if I can ccheck anything more?

Thank you !

What did you delete if you did not find a wildcard?

Anyhow, what’s the domain?

Apologies. I don’t explained it correctly, @sandro

I removed the site on Cloudflare and I add it once more, with the same results.
Is dbmsl. com
Thank you!

Interestingly enough, when I add the domain, Cloudflare does not find any records, even the ones which are there.

My guess would be, Cloudflare still has something cached on your end. You can either delete the domain, wait a day or so and add it again, or simply delete the records - GitHub - Cyb3r-Jak3/cloudflare-utils: Helpful Cloudflare utility program.


:astonished: @sandro I’m surprised that Cloudflare don’t find any record !
Do you think that if I create a new Cloudflare account then, Cloudflare will not find these 200 records?

Thank you for the tool that I will use if there is not easy/direct way to add the current records.

You can try, can’t promise it, of course. But it generally shouldn’t “find” 200 records at this point as there is no wildcard record.


Hello @Sandro.

In my computer appears these 200 records but creating a new account but on a different computer, of a colleague, Cloudflare doesn’t find any DNS records as you explained.

Thank you for your help !

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