New site not showing when cf active

Any update on this?

I am having the exact issue, however when I puase cloudfare the site starts to work fine!

I have over 120 sites on cloudfare and have never faced this issue before!

Please someone help!

TIcket no 2384100


I am facing the exact same issue as you!

Only difference being that the old site was without www and is causing the same issue, when i pause cloudfare it points to the our new site on our server.

When I activate cloudfare, it goes back to displaying the old website.

My ticket number is 2384100.

I hope they can help urgently as our client is waiting to go live!

Is there anything else you suggest I can do till then?


Hi there!

I found your ticket in the system and replied with instructions there. Please reply on the ticket if you need more assistance.


Thank you very much for your prompt help!

I am just waiting for CF to delete the host from the old vendors account, I have verified the domain with the Txt records CF provided.

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Can you share what the instructions are here? I want to make sure I don’t need the same instructions. My site is still not live either. Thank you.

Now Im getting an error code when I try to add or change any of the records
Authentication error (Code: 10000)

Anyone now what this is?

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