New site - DNS A record not imported

I am adding a website on couldfare but not all dns are imported (A records), some yes others are not. What can cause this?

Hi @tmartins,

Cloudflare queries for a list of the most common records (a lot of them!), but it can’t find everything. That’s why it asks you to check that they all match and add any missing ones manually.

Were there some specific types missing or were they ones on more unusual subdomains?

Hi @domjh, subdomains A records are missing.
Shouldn’t it automatically import all A records?

It will import all A records on subdomains it scans, but Cloudflare can’t scan the infinite possibilities of subdomain naming. I am not sure exactly what they do, but I expect it will be a list of common subdomain names that is scanned and therefore have their records imported.

got it, thx for your time, @domjh

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