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'Ello all!

Just a quickie and probably a bit of a daft one… I’ve redesigned a site retaining the same domain but obviously has a new database.

Generally, when doing this before, I delete the associated Cloudflare account, wait a few hours and reset it up again.

I’m pretty sure I am going the long way about it. Is there a way to ‘re’ analyse or something…? Or could I just purge…? Or …?

No need to delete your Cloudflare account, or delete that domain from your account. Standard Cloudflare settings can handle a site redesign with no additional steps necessary, but…

When making changes to your site, it’s convenient to enable Development Mode from your Cloudflare Overview page under “Quick Actions.” Dev Mode can also be enabled in the Cache settings page.

Speaking of the Cache settings page, you can Purge Everything and that will remove all bits of the old site from the Cache.


Wish I had taken the time to ask this years ago!

You’re a star (again). Many thanks for your VERY quick reply!

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