New setup problems page isn't redirecting properly

testing this out because it doesn’t work.

Would like to know if Cloudflare provides hosting service. Thank you-
Eric Gammeter

What are you testing out? What doesn’t work?


Is your site using Full (strict) TLS Mode?

Just wanting to know if Cloudflare offers web hosting service? If so I will proceed with transferring my domain to Cloudflare so I may make use of the Tunneling feature. Please let me know. Every time I tried to submit my messages I get the error that I cannot include LINKS… backticks". My messages did not have any links in them.
Thank you for advising me on my HOSTING message.
/Eric G.

Cloudflare is not a webhosting service, at least not in the traditional manner one might expect from common hosting services. Cloudflare sits between your visitors and your webhosting service to provide security and performance enhancements.

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