New set-up without website. Root domain resolve


I recently signed up. Added my domain which is registered with AWS. I updated the nameservers to point to Cloudflare. All that is working.

I see two other records coming from AWS an MX, and a TXT. But not my concern at the moment.

I’ve even created a CNAME record that points to my root domain. That seems to be working. Although when I try to visit I get an error message: Error 1016

Where I am a little confused is the warning message: Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for your root domain so that will resolve.

I currently don’t have a site or IP address to point this to. What options do I have here and what are the next steps. Should I have had a website stood up to point to? I’ve also not seen an option to connect to my GitHub?

Thats the problem.
Please read here:

If you create a CNAME or an A/AAAA entry you will have to point it to a valid IP

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Hello @M4rt1n,

Thank you for your response. So basically in order to use pages, I would need my code to live on some server somewhere in order for this set-up to complete.

When during this set-up are you given the option to connect to your Github account? I’d like to point to a repo and serve that up as my site.

@Fett Recently there was a topic from @pigeonburger about dynamic IPs and a python script here.

Maybe this can help you a bit or not :confused: ?

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GitHub Pages or Cloudflare Pages?

If you are talking about Cloudflare Pages then I would recommend the Docs (Getting Started)

Well you can never “point” to a Repo and host what is in there directly. That does not work.
But you can set up Cloudflare Pages and connect it to any supported Repo, so it can pull the Repo, process it and serve the content (from Cloudflare)

Your repo then will just be used as (Source)Code-hosting.

But clearing a bit up what exactly you want to achive would maybe bring in some more light into this.

Side note: Cloudflare Pages is a awesome product which is free for almost all users, unless you have more the about 500 builds ina month. Speed is awesome (ofc its static). But for most things I personally do NOT use Cloudflare pages, for example for some very easy and simple things. I anyway use a automatic deploy setup and GitHub. So not for all project Cloudflare Pages is the perfect solution. That said, it would be good to know what exactly you want to do and based on what? Plain HTML? NodeJS Solution? Any other SSG?

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