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I have no issue knowing how to point my domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare. I know how to do that with no difficulty.
My issue is that I had INITIALLY pointed my nameservers to the server where my cPanel is hosted, but I did this BEFORE I jointed Cloudflare.
Then, when I joined Cloudflare, I then pointed my domain name’s nameservers to Cloudflare and it worked perfectly. The domain name was still pointing to the server where my cPanel is hosted AND it was also working with Cloudflare. So far so good.
My problem now is that I just moved my website/domain name to a NEW SERVER. I now have the following problem:
How do I point the nameservers for my domain name to my NEW SERVER without taking the nameservers away from Cloudflare?
I need to point my nameservers for my domain name to my new server but I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE Cloudflare.
Please help.
Thank you,
Osvaldo Wesly

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

Unless you have a hosting provider that requires the use of their nameservers, you normally do not need to change nameservers to move to a new host. Simply update the IP addresses of the relevant hostnames to those of your new server and you are done.

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