New router.... website not reachable (error 523)


i got a new internet router (new ip) everything is working. website is operational via other url it is reachable. But not anymore via the public So it must be a Cloudflare DNS thing…that must me refreshed or something…

I get a DNS error and was working normally before the new internet router.
Any tips cause the Cloud flare support is not reacting besides a standard really non helping mail.
I asked help in another mail but no reaction. Great support!
My website is already 2 days not reachable because of this.

Error 523 Ray ID: 509c4da0cbec9cab • 2019-08-21 11:35:23 UTC

Origin is unreachable

Any tips? help
Kind regards,

Have you tried

Er is nothing changed in DNS settings… only a new ziggo internet router.
The webiste is reachable via my private domain so it is not the wordpress website comes from strato. the NS are pointing to Cloudflares Joan and Tim from there.
the dyndns from strato is working in conjuntion with the host wherethe webserver i running (at home behind the ziggo internet router). Everything works…only the Cloudflare part fails…

the DNS setting did got me an operational networking enviroment before. And yes i did read already the posts on error #523

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