New Registration Needs DNS Records?

I’ve registered some brand new URLs with CloudFlare. There are no DNS records as the new URL is not hosted anywhere. It is simply registered with CloudFlare. Do I need to add any DNS records? And if so, what would those be? When I go to manage the page it says that DNS records need to be added to complete setup.

I believe that since the site isn’t hosted anywhere that I can’t really add any DNS records anyway? Is that true?

Can I forward a registered and un-hosted URL to hosted URL if the un-hosted URL has no DNS records?

As those domains are active at Cloudflare, you don’t need DNS records, but you could do this if you wanted:

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Thank you. How long does it typically take for a URL forward rule to work? I forwarded a url registered with GoDaddy and it took effect within 5 minutes. The forwards that I put in place on CloudFlare an hour ago still aren’t forwarding.

If it’s a brand new domain, it can take up to 48 hours for a new domain to propagate. I usually check at

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