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I am simply trying to activate a new sub-domain. When I logged in to my account, I see scores of ‘A’ records that I did NOT create and many have error messages. I am not a DNS/Web guru, just a guy trying to host some simple, mostly text based, sites. I tried to ‘mirror’ how the other working sub-domains work but all these records are SO damned confusing.

Can I just delete these things or what? I have deleted several but don’t know if I’m messing it up more. There HAS to be an easier way to host a web site that screwing around with all this. Can anyone help?

Skip Stein
A simple 76 year old fart trying to host web sites.

If you export your zone records, you can delete records fearlessly. It’s still worth spending a little time to understand what a record is prior to deleting it, but it won’t leave you in an inescapable jam if accidentally delete one that you needed.

You can use an excellent utility created by a Cloudflare Community MVP to swiftly delete many records at once if you need to.

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Thanks, I guess I’ll try to delete the new ones with a ‘caution’ flag that says they were created by ‘autoconfig’ and 'Hostname not covered by a certificate.


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