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I have an online course at thinkific. com. And not sure if its Cloudflare’s fault here. My course domain used to be [“xyz. thinkific. com”]as an eg. Now Im able to use my own domain using the same thinkific platform. So now it would be "xyz .mywebsite. com". Im not 100% sure if Im in the right path here. I’ve added a CNAME record under at the dns management of my domain website (which is different from my host provider where I have website running). And as Im using Cloudflare I’ve added the same CNAME record there as well . Am I doing something wrong? What do you think?!

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Maybe, but without knowing your domain, we can only speculate.

If your CNAME is currently :orange: Proxied try setting it to :grey: DNS Only.

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Thanks for your reply! I can share in private tho.

Ok just did that. Maybe I’ll have to wait up to 24h again right?

Unless you manually increased the TTL of your CNAME, it should be apparent within 5 minutes.

Im using mxtoolbox .com/ to check that and all Im getting is still “DNS Record not found” =/

If you can share your domain like along with your CNAME, a Community member will be happy to compare DNS query results with you and offer more specific advice.

I cant share it my course is not available to the market yet I need to keep it private for now. But I made it work. This is what I did, I followed your instruction to turn the option DNS only. Then I removed the DNS record also added on the domain website. Its working now thank you for thi

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