New Rate Limiting Binding - Impossible To Add New ENV Variables

I just noticed this morning that if you’ve hooked up the new unsafe binding to the rate limiting feature…

You cannot add ENV variables in the CF Dashboard.

It always errors out with:

binding USER_WORKER_RATE_LIMITER of type ratelimit must have an namespace_id specified (Code: 10021)

What is the best course of action?

Also if you create a secret via wrangler can you add that in the wrangler.toml and have the value be read corectly?

Thanks for any help!

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I have the same issue. I tried asking on CF discord server too. Did you find a solution? Is deleting the worker and redeploying a new project the only way?

Sorry I should have reported back here.

I did get an answer from the Discord channel. In production and staging… don’t use the CF Dashboard to manage your secrets.

Use wrangler secret put ... instead.

This way you can add and delete with no issues.