New Public Hostnames redirect to the root domain, old ones still work

Hello. I purchased a domain from porkbun a while ago and setup a docker instance of the cloudflare tunnel connector.

I have a few public hostnames that resolve and show the service running. For instance I have a website at {name}.{domain}.com

Today I made a new public hostname for another service and when attempting to go to the subdomain it just redirects to the root domain with a 307. I have not touched any of the settings and use the web UI.

What logs should I look for so I can fix this and make new public hostnames work again?

Hi there,

Hey, so I tried every single of your hostnames, in rus****erver and net****vps and I was unable to find a 307 with any of the hostnames. I’m assuming you’ve solved the problem since, but if you haven’t let me know, and I’ll look into it.

Take care.

Yeah it was fixed but in a strange way.

When attempting to access test.{domain}.com on Chrome, it redirects to {domain}.com

When accessing the same test on Firefox, it works flawlessly.

I have marked your answer as a solution, but I will look into why chrome does that.

Thanks for the check up either way!

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