New Pricing - Webhooks [Resolved]

I would like to have a scalable way to use webhooks for SSL certificate provisioning.

While the CloudFlare webhooks documentation says “(…)Depending on your plan, you will also be able to configure webhooks. Webhooks allow you to (…)” I’ve been informed by the customer support that webhooks are available to all plans because “if it is not expressly mentioned that you need a particular plan to have a feature enabled, it is included on all plans, with potentially some limitations.”

The fact is that I don’t have custom notification channels options at all in the free tier and the customer support agent gave me a total of zero information about which plan includes what and its limitations. The pricing has even less information and the documentation has that “well it depends” text.

Does anyone in the community could share the plans you are using and the number of calls you have available?

Are you saying you don’t see anything from this support article?

Well I do see the notifications tab, in fact I’m using it, but this only sends notifications to my e-mail, when I look for the 3. Click Destinations on the left side of your dashboard. this Destinations are not available to me and I suppose they are (as said in the documentation linked above) depending on the plan.

Ah, I see. It does appear to only be available if you have at least one paid plan. (link below)

As far as limits, it sounds like it works like many other services around here. A little bit vague to allow for spikes in usage. My opinion is that webhooks use so few resources, almost at the level of Cloudflare API calls that there’s practically no limit. For example, Cloudflare’s API rate limit is 1200 requests in five minutes.

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Yeah feels like it, I’ll try with the Pro plan and then update it here so more people may look for it. it’s just very frustrating to present a proposal in the company based in assumptions because of lack of documentation and support.

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Still not cristal clear fashioned, but, upgrading one website to Pro has been enough to have the “Destinations” tab available on my company dashboard.

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