New price lists and $5/month "early bird" customers?

I can’t find any information about the new price list. There’s no information on what will happen to customers who took advantage of the “early bird” promotion a few years ago and are currently paying $5 per month for the site.

Did Cloudflare decide to cancel these prices altogether and will everyone have to pay the prices from the new price list starting in May?

There is actually some information out there, although, it does not appear to provide you with the full clarity you request.


I am of course aware of this thread, but it adds nothing to the case. I have not received any correspondence. I have written emails to support but have not received a reply. It is a pity that the company does not want to clarify the matter clearly.

I don’t know if @Laurie got an update for us, perhaps with more clear information on this topic?

I would myself have thought that the phrasing with a communication being sent, and then the mention of “shortly” from the other thread, would indicate something that has likely already happened.

There could however be many different opinions from many different people, what “shortly” means, and “shortly” could therefore be a little bit vague, to compare it to whether it has already happened or not.

Many people are often (and unfortunately(?)) choosing large, but free email providers, that (more often than not) impose very strict rules for inbound email traffic, essentially limiting the possibility for the other party (e.g. Cloudflare in this case), to send them messages. but these free email providers are very rarely, if ever, engaged in distributing the actual limits they set, so that their customers understand them.

There are many funky things happening in the wild, regarding email communication, and there is never any magic that Cloudflare can use, to guarantee you that any emails they try to send to you, would actually be successfully delivered to you.

I wouldn’t necessarily be expecting what you see here, to be the result of a lack of wish to communicate it out more clearly, but more rather that the actual attempt to communicate it out may have failed for some reason.

The last exchange I see with Support was in 2021 and there were several replies including the Please note that once there has been an upgrade or downgrade a domain, that domain is no longer eligible for the $5 rate. Please also note that we do offer a free plan that you can use for any domain you add to your account.

Cloudflare has no problem reaching my email inbox (Google Workspace) with ads, so they should not have had any problem delivering other correspondence. The lack of any information on the community website indicates that CF’s silence is planned and deliberate.

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