New preffered argo tunnel set-up (non legacy) not visible on dashboard


Currently, I am switching my legacy Argo tunnels to the new UUID tunnel setup. I was able to convert my legacy tunnel to the new preferred method and I am able to use my tunnel (so that’s good).

However, this new tunnel is not visible on the dashboard → Traffic → Argo Tunnel. While my legacy tunnels are still visible. I already tried to disconnect and reconnect the tunnel.

Currently, I am getting the following error on the page, but not sure if it is related?
Unable to create new tiered_cache_smart_topology_enable setting. The zone setting already exists. (Code: 1145)

Did I forget to configure something? Is there a new location on the dashboard? Any ideas? :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s related. I also switched to the new tunnel setup. My “Legacy” tunnel disappeared off that page, and now nothing shows. But the new tunnel works.

But that Tiered Caching message shows on the Tunnels page? Not on the plain Argo page?

@sdayman thank you for your quick response. Because you experience the same issue, should I created a support ticket or is this a known issue?

I also think that the error is not related, I don’t receive the error when directly opening the Argo tunnel URL /domain/traffic/argo-tunnel.

I’d try tinkering around a bit first.

Since it mentions Tiered Caching, is this an Enterprise plan? You can certainly try turning Argo off, then back on.

What will happen with the tunnels when I turn off and on Argo? Will the tunnels drop, do they auto-connect back?

We have a Pro plan + Argo + Teams Standard.

On my zone with the new Tunnel, I can turn Argo Smart Routing off and that tunnel still works. I’m pretty sure Argo Tunnel doesn’t depend upon Argo Smart Routing in order to exist.

On my old tunnel, it’s an Enterprise zone for production, so I’m not going to see if that kills the legacy tunnel.

If you don’t want to give the Off/On toggle a try, I suggest you open a Support ticket and have them check your Argo connection.

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I am attempting to activate Argo, however, I could not. There is this error that pops up.

Unable to create new tiered_cache_smart_topology_enable setting. The zone setting already exists. (Code: 1145)

I am on the free plan. What should I do here?

Since this is the second of such issues I’ve seen (ever), I suggest you open a ticket and post the number here.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.


My ticket number is #2088246. I have contacted customer support since yesterday. Unfortunately, no one replies.

You would have received an automated response. Did you reply to that letting them know it still wasn’t working?

I receive only an automated response that my ticket is received, and the technical support will contact me soon. I already add some information that Argo is not working to the original ticket. What do I have to add more?

I also created a ticket yesterday, my ticket number is #2088699.

I also contacted support and got a resolution that worked. It turns out my payment method wasn’t working (I was using PayPal) for whatever reason and I got no indication as to that was the cause, using a different payment method fixed it. One thing to note is that for me switching payment methods still got me the same error message, but after I refreshed the page a minute later it shows the Argo is indeed turned on, and I got a billing notification in my email.

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Hi, apologies for the confusion. The Argo Tunnel UI does not display tunnels created in the Named Tunnel method; we’re aware of that and plan to add support soon.


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