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I installed and setup Cloudflare with some settings suggested by articles from Google. I really don’t know anything about it.

I have a problem, when I publish new post, and I publish about 10-15 posts a day, my new posts are not showing. Only when I go and purge from Cloudflare they show. Even then I sometimes have to purge cache from browser as well.

I have work fast cache installed as well, but before I installed I had the same problem, that is the reason I installed it in first place.

Please help.

There are several options. One is to exclude
your posts or probably the index page, which seems to bei the main issue, from caching with a page rule. If new content ist created, guessing that you use static pages, it will mit besten fetched.

Something Like
Cache Level: baypass

You could also run an API call to purge the your index page when you create new content

Just two things I would try.

Thank you for your answer, but I am a complete beginner in this, is there a way to elaborate this to me a little further?

How do I do what you said to me?

uto, 23. lis 2018. u 09:22 MarkMeyer [email protected] napisao je:

Which CMS do you use?

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