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I published a new post about an hour ago, but is not showing up at the top of my homepage. The direct link to the post works, and when I search for it, it’s there. But it’s not on the homepage. I published a different post earlier today and it’s there just like always. But for some reason, the most recent post is not showing up. My site in question is and the direct link to the post not showing up is

You have a Page Rule with a Cache Everything setting. Disable that page rule and you should be fine.

Thank you. The post in question did end up showing up on the homepage eventually, about an hour after I posted this question, without me doing anything other than a bunch of page refreshing. Not sure what was up. I’ve since posted another article today on the same site and it showed up on the homepage just like normal. So I guess I’m okay for now.

Thanks again for your help!

  • Matt
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I have taken free ssl from clouflare for my wordpress website and hosting and domain from another company.
My issue is whenever I post or update WP admin it is visible there but not on main website…I purged cache as well but did not help to resolve issue…
Would you please help in this case?

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