New Plugins not showing or Working in my Cloudflare site

Hi there folks, ladies and gentlemen,

I’m just new to cloudflare

I have an existing old site which was developed by someone before, but I’m not really sure if where the website files are located.
The previous web guy only uses the Wordpress dashboard to update the website but they are not checking on the backend of the server and have no idea what and where those files are.

Now, since there is a cloudflare installed on the site, like the DNS is already pointing with cloudflare, I want to know exactly if the files i uploaded will reflect to the server.

What i did is, i installed a new plugin to the wordpress site, however, when i go and check it in the webhosting files (cpanel file directory) I don’t see the newly installed plugin folder there.

I was able to view the other plugins but not the newly installed one.

But, in the Wordpress dashboard, the plugin is already installed and it already shows up in the WP dashboard, but not in the Hosting File server.

So my question is…

Is this because of cloudflare? could it be that even if it’s installed already in Wordpress, the actual file/plugin directory is not yet added because there is some sort of the Cloudflare cache involved?

is this like a cache issue in cloudflare?

I’m not sure what really happened, but it seems that the files i added in the server does not seem to reflect. I even added a google verification file (for search console) and even with the exact url address + the google file, it still not pulling up the google file, it shows error 404.

What do you think happened here, is there some settings in cloudflare that could have messed up the update? Or am i just in the wrong directory?

but i already checked the directory of the domain in cpanel, it already points to >public_html directory but when i check the files or upload a google verification file in there, it’s not pulling up when i try to pullup the domain/google121321321.html file

any idea guys what could have happened?

Changes to your site should show up pretty quickly unless the previous dev set some aggressive caching.

What’s the domain?

can i send you a message? for the URL on this?
I’m really a bit of confused because I uploaded the google file in the directory where the domain is pointed and then when I try to pullip that google file like ex:

it’s not pulling up, it shows error 404

so maybe the new changes i uploaded or added will not reflect, maybe because cloudflare have it cached my old cache website. It’s like even if the site is down, it still shows the website page because of the cache… not sure if there is that kind of settings though.