New PHP file is returning a 404?

We’ve had this issue happening for a while and are unable to figure out why exactly, but when new PHP files are created we aren’t able to access them, they give return a 404.

This is for an administration / back-end system that isn’t public, I’ve also tried flushing the direct URL to the php file but if I have to flush the whole folder cache it’s essentially flushing all the image assets across our platform which is not ideal.

But does this work? Not that it’s a great solution, but it does provide a clue.

Does the 404 eventually clear up? It’s supposed to be only a 3 minute cache for 404 URLs.

Unfortunately not, I’ve put it in developer mode and still can’t access the page (afaik that’s the same as flushing the cache?)

Ok, so it’s not a cache issue. Does it ever work itself out?

You may have to try “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview tab (lower right corner). It takes about five minutes to take effect.

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