New Phone Lost 2 - Factor Authentication


I had to create this account so I could post to this community to inquire about my issue on my main account.

I am posting about ticket #1737830 to have my 2FA removed as I bought a new phone a couple of months ago and gave the old one to my father-in-law (the phone was wiped) and I do not have the recovery codes either. I have not had much response from support. The last thing they sent me on August 21st was the following and i responded to their questions:

"Hi there,

Thanks for writing to Cloudflare Support.

I am happy to help you regain access to your account by removing two-factor authentication. For the protection and security of your account, we need to be extremely careful before disabling this feature on a customer’s account.

Before we can disable this security feature on an account for you we’re going to need you to confirm:

  1. The list of domains (1 or more) in your account
  2. The IP address(es) for the web server(s) associated with each those domain(s) (1 or more)
  3. Who your hosting provider is for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  4. What your original name servers were for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  5. [Authy only] What phone number you used to activate Authy on your Cloudflare account

Once you’ve provided these details we can then verify that you are the owner of the account.

This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer."

Where do I go from here since I have received nothing else from support and still do not have 2FA removed from my account? Is there someone that would be able to help me?

You need to respond with those details.
It is most likely and automated response which mutes to ticket till you respond to it

I have responded to the emails several times over the last 3 days. Responding has not been producing results so I came here for the help.

Hi @briancarter98, I see the ticket and your replies, I also see it’s assigned to an engineer to review the details you provided. I’ve added myself to the ticket to keep an eye on progress.

Hello @cloonan,

That sounds great and thank you for helping out with the issue I am having. Thanks again.

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@cloonan I still haven’t heard from support. I don’t know if anyone is even looking into my ticket. I know you said that the ticket is assigned to an engineer but how long does it take for somebody to address my issue is been two weeks now and still no response. This is kind of disappointing. Thanks again for the help that you have offered.

Thank you, I pinged the engineer for follow-up.

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