New onset error 521 w/ custom domain to Tutanota mail login

Hi All,
I have my own domain,, that points to the Mail. Done. Right. Tutanota Login & Sign up for an Ad-free Mailbox page. It’s worked fine for a long time – that is – the user is taken to the login page for the Tutanota email service – until now. I now receive an error 521. The proposed solutions for this error assume that I’m hosting a webpage or own a server – I don’t. The error is: Ray ID: 54b3b7384bf9efd0 • 2019-12-26 14:23:58 UTC. I’ve read a few posts about this error but honestly don’t know where to begin. Any pointers would be most appreciated! Thank you.

This tutorial should do it better:

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Thank you. I don’t want a redirect. I want the URL to display in the addreas bar as upon landing on the page.

Coudflare doesn’t have that feature. Cloudflare can’t control what shows up in the address bar. That would require CNAME support by tutanota.

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