New on Cloudflare, configuration issues


i’m michael from house station live .com

i just set up cloudflare cause we had a database ddos attack in 2018 and we lost our website.

i have several domain, now on the same registrar. the one on dedibox look woring fine, but the ones on ovh don’t.

i just removed the dnssec few hours ago. i don’t know if i should add my cloudflare api token in ds section, diagnosys generate a “no ds” error, probably cause it also found dnssec was active, but i deactivate it.

then i contacted ovh for a propagation incident. as usual, no answer. i also added cloudflare in my firewall whitelist.

i almost done everythink myself, i don’t want spend another 50 or 100 $ to fix it. please having mercy at christmas ^^

cheers from france

Cloudflare’s API token is for remote account access of Cloudflare settings, so I suggest you leave that part alone.

And make sure DNSSEC is turned off everywhere as you make this transition. You can ignore those DS/DNSSEC errors, as they’re really just warnings.

If you post the name of a domain that’s not working, we can provide more support.

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