New NS record not propagating

Cloudflare is our registrar but we were using NetSol as a hosting service. With NetSol, we were using Cloudflare nameservers. Our email has been down a week since NetSol made changes to our server and refuses to do anything about it. So, we moved to another ISP and chose not to continue with a website, just email. I deleted all the A, CNAME, MX records and just added 2 new NS records (not Cloudflare).

For some reason, the nameservers are not propagating after several hours. Do I need to do something else? Thanks.

What is the domain name?

I missed that you said Cloudflare was your registrar. You need to change nameservers at a registrar, but since Cloudflare is your registrar you cannot do that as using Cloudflare requires the use of Cloudflare nameservers.

You either need to:

  • transfer your domain out of Cloudflare if you want to change the nameservers
  • use your Cloudflare DNS just to point at your new hosting service

Thanks, but why does Cloudflare allow me to set an NS record if it isn’t going to use it?

You can use NS records in Cloudflare to delegate for subdomains…

You can’t do it for the apex domain (although it does let you enter one, which does confuse).


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