New & need email assistance

Hi Ryan,
I happily joined Cloudflare a couple of days ago for the very first time.

My domain is hosted on SiteGround and I’ve pointed the DNS to Cloudflare but unable to send/receive emails although the A and MX Records seem to have been done correctly.

Any suggestions pls?


Are you unable to log in to your email host, or do you mean log in via something like a imap/pop3 mail app? There is usually an error message that comes with being unable to send/receive.

I haven’t received any kind of errors. I just stopped receiving emails since I changed the DNS to Cloudflare, so when I tried to send an email I got the following error “Connection to the server failed or was dropped.”

The IMAP is “Green” which means it’s set up correctly, so I’m not sure what’s wrong or what needs to be done!

In CF DNS, you should make sure that the DNS records your MX is point to (eg MX for would point to the A record mail) is grey clouded :grey:. If it’s orange, the CF proxy is enabled and CF does not proxy the email protocol.

Currently all MX Records show,, and Should I change them to

The A Record is pointed at, autoconfig, cpanel, cpcalendars, cpcontacts, webdisk, webmail, and whm and they are ALL orange BUT DO NOT have “mail”. Should I add a new A Record with “mail”?

FYI, the CNAME has “mail” pointing at with an orange cloud.

When I tried to create an A Record with “mail” I got this notice “Name matches an existing CNAME. All CNAMEs must be unique.”

So shall I delete the CNAME record and replace it with an A Record?

mail was an example. Since the MX records point off-site, CF isn’t involved with incoming email.

turn the mail CNAME to grey :grey:.

When I changed it to grey cloud, I got this message: “This record exposes your origin IP. To fix it, change its proxy status”

That’s fine since you have a third-party hosting your website, hopefully, they have adequate DDOS protection. This is always an issue when your host uses the same IP address for the email and website.

Well, if you think it’s SAFE, then that’s fine as I’m now able to send/receive emails AFTER replacing MX Records from,, and to

Hope this is the correct way though!

Hi Judge,
Yes, Siteground offer various means of DDOS protection but I believe they use the same IP for email and website. So do you think this SAFE enough?

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