New Mail Routing Question

For the new Mail Roiting feature (Seams amazing!), would you be able to send from that email?

For example, lets say I setup the email address “[email protected]” to forward to “[email protected]”. Could I send an email using Google’s “Send As” feature from my Gmail inbox ([email protected]), but have it be actually sent from “[email protected]”?

Like this:

I don’t see why not. Gmail just wants you to complete the confirmation step. As long as you don’t have records in your domain prohibiting sending from that domain, you should be fine.


Thanks, I guess I forgot the process of setting that up in gmail. :joy:

I guess I was mainly wondering if Cloudflare had it blocked, but it doesn’t sound like it.
Thanks so much!

The only way it could do that is through your DNS records. will be able to scan records to see if this was the case. is also a good way to see if your mail will get through.

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