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Let me begin by saying that I tried to use the various Help tabs prior to this with no answers or help.
Set this service as my DNS provider after doing some reading then came across more that piqued my curiosity. Shortly after I created a new account to try to get answers & access help on my Samsung Galaxy A5 with the information in the picture.
I _have NO websites to claim, putting me in a category of limbo essentially. _ Free or Paid user, to submit a new support ticket some line’s are marked mandatory by a * & yet “Category” on my device is nothing beyond a word in bold ending with a star.
Ignoring that has the final mandatory section awaiting. Domain * for a user like me is nothing beyond a loop! I can’t fill out any information on a non-existent nor can I proceed!!
This “setup” creates a greater deal of fustration & wasted time. An interactive tutorial awaits new people here. Given the detail & manner of delivery, until a user completes it, they are unable to continue. Personally because of a need to get help instead of just curious, an opt out of the tutorial would be better.
Is it possible to get help without making a call? Being stuck simply by lack of ownership is more a penalty & given that it is also a mandatory entry, compounds the problem for some. Based on the topics for the Help section, I just want to know how to do as they outline to complete my sign up. And if needed be able to make contact with a human trained to help solve any technical support here without paying for a lengthy phone call on the same schedule as the Tech.

What exactly are you trying to set up? If you don’t have a website to add, what Cloudflare services are you trying to access?

Initially I was just trying to better understand the service but as I sought out answers by using the Help section & FAQ it looked more like without an account would not be able to access the information. If that is the case then I will be removing my account

Lorne W. MacKenzie

Hi @wolfmackenzie78, Cloudflare makes things to make websites faster and more secure. You can browse and search our Help Center, learning center, developer center, and this community without a login. We ask you to create an account to post here and you need one to contact support about issues using Cloudflare.


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