New loadbalancer

SSL is Full (strict) mode, but im not sure what do you mean by “Railgun with the LB”

That should not work with the certificate on your origin, unless you are setting Per Origin Host Header Override?

I see HTTP response headers indicating you are using Cloudflare Railgun. It also looks like you are using APO on that host, which does not make sence.

% curl  --dump-header - -o /dev/null --silent | egrep 'HTTP|cf-apo|cf-railgun'
HTTP/2 200
cf-apo-via: origin,host
cf-railgun: 969d91907d 0.01 0.099140 0030 0dda

This is new to me, and i do not know how to set it up in a correct way

I change it now to full, as in there is lets encrypt cert now.
but im not sure about “It also looks like you are using APO on that host”
how to check that?

The question was really related to intermittent 526 errors. If you only have one server, and are not changing anything, then you should either get 526 on every request or on none of the requests. With Railgun you can have one IP address, but the Railgun client can have multiple origin servers behind it.

On the Dashboard click on Speed → Optimisation.

This is application for backend, and it is only a test for now with one server, later i will add 2 more servers, so total will be 3
do you think i need to change something in the backend servers about that APO?

Regarding the APO, it set only for the website and not for the backend server, as below

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