New Israeli TLD - .ישראל


Israel announced a new TLD to the internet, and it is called .ישראל
Got a bunch of domain names in this TLD and DNS are updated.
I think Cloudflare is not prepared (or know) for this new TLD, so it is not “know” yet that my domain has updated with the correct DNS servers.

or maybe it is because I put my domain in Hebrew (as should be in original) and not ASCII coded?

Would appreciate the help


Probably that’s the reason: it’s “pretty” new and many browsers don’t even support it yet. You may need to wait some time before CF supports it.

Hope it helps!

The question is how long, obviously.
I wait patiently, I hope to have my site ASAP.

All is witing for is Cloudflare


You may always check the status here. The list gets updated:

Read this #ExpertReply

The link is talking about their support as Registrar, which is not relevant.

I hope some expert from their own team can asisst, as it is new TLD…

The public suffix list is what we use to determine which domains are valid TLDs, it looks like this was updated in August to add the TLD you are talking about:

I’ve tested adding an example domain under .ישראל and I was able to, so there should be no issue adding domains under this TLD.


Nope, I haven’t, and guessed that would be the issue.
For further knowledge, do you plan to “support” it as-is in Hebrew?
Or only as Puny code?

Well, mine is waiting for DNS update with .ישראל and not ASCII coded.
And it obviously changed.

Should I remove and add again in ASCII coded or leave as is?

My advice was wrong about trying punycode - I tested myself and I was able to successfully add a domain without using that, so you can leave it “as is” and everything should proceed normally.


Thanks. So just wait for CF to see the changes made around 24h ago, with non-Hebrew took me few hours to ID it.

I purchased a .ישראל domain yesterday and it took 22 hours to update. It’s a matter of time I guess. I also used the hebrew letters when registering it here.

I guess it is the beginning and the time to “learn” it with all the systems. I will wait patiently and see how it works.
Thank you

Do you have an idea of how frequently Cloudflare check for changes on the PSL?

I’m not sure on that, but @ggalow might be able to confirm. I think we refresh it as & when it is needed, but not on a set schedule. I can see internally that the TLD in question here was supported by Cloudflare before the end of August, a couple of weeks after the publicsuffix project approved the PR to add it.

We update our list of TLDs on average once a week. If a new TLD is not yet supported you will get an error when trying to add the domain to Cloudflare. If Cloudflare accepts the domain then everything is in place.

It seems like some of the concern here was the time it would take to activate the domain in Cloudflare. That is out of our hands as it depends on how quickly the registrar makes the NS updates on their end. We start checking immediately but exponentially backoff, so if it takes the registrar awhile, then there may be some delay. You can always reset the check interval from the zone overview page once you can see the NS change using tools like DIG


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