New ip servere ns1 ns2 error

We have the following scenario and need support to correctly configure the entries on the server:

I have an domain pointing to cloudflare nameservers, I have more than 100 other local sites for and, this server was configured for an entry on a hostgator IP and I am migrating to a digitalocean, performs an exchange of all entries that had the old ip for the new ip the propagation happened but apparently these domains do not increase on the new server.

What error do you get?

Have you changed the TTL value to at least 300 for DNS records of these domains before switching?

Are and being added to your domain at Cloudflare DNS dashboard, or at your domain registar under “private nameservers” fields?

Are and :grey: or :orange: if added at your Cloudflare DNS dashboard for your domain

DNS propagation tools dont show new IP.

I think was a problem on NGINX entry but i put a simple 80 entry and nothing happen.

Where it was what a do:

That “A” entry for ns1 is correct? For the old server its working.

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