New IP for hosted server needs to be changed on cloudflare... HELP!

Hello… My website is down ‘barfi-bites . co . uk’ and I’m struggling with an upgrade on my hosted server with 123reg. coudflare seems to be working ok but the host response times out… Visit the website to see the error message…

They upgraded the hosting server which now had a new IP and they are saying i need to point the domain to the new IP on Cloudflare…

Is anybody able to help with how to do this… They sent me the below email

Great news! Your Linux Shared Web Hosting package has been successfully upgraded to our faster and more reliable platform, cPanel.

However, there’s one more important task that you’ll need to complete for us.

What do I need to do next?

Since your domain(s) are registered with another provider and don’t use our nameservers, you will need to update several DNS records for your domain within the next 30 days so that it directs to our new platform.

Your new records are listed below:

'Domain: barfi-bites . co . uk
New IP address:


Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You need to log in to your Cloudflare dashboard and update the records in your DNS app as directed by your host.

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Thank you for the response…

I’ve logged in to the cloudflare dashboard an see lots of DNS types… Any idea which one i have to update? thank you for the advice so far.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you which hostnames you have moved to the new server. If you know your previous IP, you should be able to simply replace any appearances of it with the new one.
If you have any doubts, you will need to work with your host to make that determination.

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Thank you for all your help… i have now resolved it by changing the IP addresses as you suggested! thank you!

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