New ip address not propagating

I changed from amazon lightsail to ec2 and my IP address changed. I updated this Ip address on 31st of October and up till today it doesn’t resolve the domain name. But the site shows up when the public ip is visited

Where did you update the IP address? The public IP address won’t change. But you can test your Cloudflare DNS settings by changing the www entry to :grey: and then wait 5 minutes. That will send visitors straight to your website at the IP address you updated.

I logged into my Cloudflare account and added the new IP to A and CNAME dns records.

This what my settings looks like right now

It’s behaving like it’s set to :orange:.

What do I do to sort this out?

Try setting your SSL to “flexible” (instead of “full”). Your web server only responds on port 80, so “Full” SSL won’t work.

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I set the SSL to Flexible and it worked. Thanks a bunch

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