New IP address -> Cloudflare/Porkbun/Nginx not working anymore

I have the following problem, maybe somebody could help…

1.) I had this working setup:

  • Internet ↔ cable modem with fixed ip address
  • Registered Domain name at porkbun (lets call it
  • Home router (Unifi Dream machine) with port (80,443) forwading to my local nginx server (
  • nginx is setup for a lot of proxy hosts (eg. → ,, …) which redirects to services in my local network so I can access them from outside
  • Cloudflare DNS config: “A Record:” → “Content: my static ip address” → “Proxy status: Proxied”
  • Cloudflare “CNAME: Name: test1” → Content:",
    CNAME: Name: test2” → Content:"
    → Calling → All was working

2.) Then I replaced my cable modem with a 5G modem

Any idea what is going wrong?
Any help would be appriciated for a dummy user… :-/

I’d assume that using 5G, you no longer have your own IP address that allows incoming connections.

Try using a Cloudflare tunnel instead:

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