New Installation - DNS Not Working?

I have two domains using your free service already and working. I just added a third by changing my servers to the free Cloudfare servers at my registrar and then adding the domain to cloudfare. It looked like it was setup and I was able to visit the website as before. But when I wake-up this morning, the nameservers are no longer resolving. The nameservers are correct. I use the same settings for all 3 domains. the other 2 domains are still resolving. What I’m thinking, but I am no expert, is there might be something I haven’t configured for this domain in Cloudfare. I can go to the domain settings in Cloudfare. What could possibly be missing from my setup?


What’s the domain?


It’s missing DNS records for and www
They’re probably “A” records with IP addresses you can get from you web host’s DNS panel.

ok thanks. I’l look into it.

Adding the A records back resolved the problem with not being able to access the website. I think I’ve got a lot more to learn (

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