New install Windows 10 WARP keeps disconnecting and reconnecting and adapter toggle

I’m testing out WARP Zero Trust Gateway and I’ve set up the server side of things which seems to be working OK. Testing the Client side, I’ve installed the WARP client twice now on fully patched Win 10 Laptop and I’m experiencing an issue where the WARP client keeps connecting and disconnecting.

It connects OK it looks like (I am able to browse a share on the server), but if I try to copy a file, it fails when the connection drops after 20-30 seconds. I don’t see any errors coming up on the WARP client interface, it just keeps toggling between Connected and Connecting…

If I watch the Network Adapters in settings, the WARP adapter keeps appearing and disappearing. I have tried two separate WIFI networks and it happens on both.

Any ideas what could be causing this?