New Ingress rule, how to restart service?

When I add a new ingress rule to etc/cloudflared/config.yml, how do I restart the service to pull in the new rule?

Currently my new rule is not being recognized, when I try to verify with cloudflared tunnel ingress rule https://mynewplace it defaults to the catch-all 404 rule.

How do I stop the whole service, pull in the new rule, and restart everything??

Thank you!!!

It depends on your operating system. If you installed & are running cloudflared as a service on OSX for example, you can restart via:

sudo launchctl restart com.cloudflare.cloudflared

I have yet to figure this out on Ubuntu.

Thanks for the quick reply. I should have mentioned I’m on ubuntu.

I use cloudflared in a screen instance (not service), so I just CTRL+C, wait for it to exit, then re-run the cloudflared command again.