New in the Pro plan, Few Questions

Hi guys,
Need some help
I have some issues, Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

  1. I am using WP-ROCKET on my WordPress site - do i need to set something specific or it’s enough to connect the Cloudflare account under WP-ROCKET settings?

  2. When i am working on the site (for example building a new page) should i turn off Cloudflare ? or to leave it as is?

  3. Should i clear cache from time to time from the Cloudflare settings?

  4. I have some issues that some of the images won’t load what can i do?

  5. any specific setting i need to make on the Cloudflare account in order to make the site faster?

Thank you!!

  1. WP-Rocket will work the same way on the Pro Plan. I don’t think it cares which Cloudflare plan you’re on.
  2. WP-Rocket can put Cloudflare into Development Mode while you work on your site. Dev mode will automatically turn off after 3 hours, but you should purge the WP-Rocket cache when done and that should purge Cloudflare cache as well.
  3. It’s best to not clear cache from time to time, except when you’ve made changes.
  4. Images won’t load? More info would help.
  5. Speaking of images, the Pro Plan lets you use Mirage and Polish. Those are very handy, and worth the price of the Pro plan.

Thank You @sdayman !
Few things:

  1. is that all i need to set? this is the only place i set in wp-rocket something related to Cloudflare

  2. Got you! thanks! so just to make sure, every change i will do on my site, i need to set before “dev mode” and when i finish to update to clear cache?

  3. Thanks

  4. regarding the Mirage and polish, the only place i need to set it is under my cloudflare account > speed> polish > lossless ?


  1. That’s how I’d set it. Just the basic info. I’ve toggled “Optimized Settings” before and it’s not always what I’ve wanted, so I leave it off and do all my adjustments in the Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Dev Mode is more for theme changes – not content update. WP-Rocket should automatically purge caches when you work on content.
  3. Mirage and Polish are two different settings on the same page. I usually go with Lossy (and WebP) and don’t notice a difference.

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