[New in beta] Support for multiple audio tracks

New Beta Feature: Multiple audio tracks for a single video uploaded to Stream

We’ve been working on a new feature, currently in closed beta, that allows multiple audio tracks to be added to a single video, and provided to viewers. This lets you:

  • Provide viewers with audio tracks in multiple languages
  • Provide dubbed audio tracks, or audio commentary tracks (ex: Director’s Commentary)
  • Allow your users to customize the customize the audio mix, by providing separate audio tracks for music, speech or other audio tracks.
  • Provide Audio Description tracks to ensure your content is accessible. (WCAG 2.0 Guideline 1.2)

While in closed beta, we’ve been working with a few developers to test and get feedback, and we’re looking for a few more developers using Stream today to give this a try and share their thoughts on the API and functionality.

Interested? Reply to this post and share a bit about what you’d like to use this for, and we’ll reach out with more info on how to get started.


I am interested, but not yet because I have multiple audio tracks (hopefully in the future). More because I hope this will allow us to access our videos as “audio only” e.g. MP3 files?

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Hi, we are momslab.app and we are using multilanguage videos in our project.
We have voice tracks and music track and want to switch them according to user language settings.

We want to move to CF Stream and this feature is blocker. Eager to take participation in beta.
Thank you

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We’d love to try this, but it seems this is for uploaded videos. We’d like to live-stream over SRT with multiple audio tracks. Our use case is live events with multiple nationalities in attendance, physically and remotely. There’s live translation, but we’d like to be able to stream it too.

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We’re running many multilingual streams and would love to test multiple audio tracks, both for hosted videos as well as ingesting SRT. We work a lot with many languages, and this is a very very interesting use case.

Many thanks

Hi @irvinebroque
Can’t find any Language parameter in API doc

Hi @irvinebroque , any updates on this feature? Is it already out of beta?

Hey @cloudflare is it possible to get any comment for this feature? Will it be availabale and fixed this year?

Hi, please add us to the Beta list.
We would like to use it for the following cases:

  • Provide 3 different instructor/music mixes for our workout videos
  • Provide voice (instructor) only track, so we can connect to Spotify and control the user’s music

Hi, we also have a use case with several audio tracks for regional localization. Can we be in the beta?
Also, what is the ETA for the official rollout? To be sincere, the lack of this feature is making us consider alternatives.

Hi all, support for multi-audio tracks will be rolled out this week. I will post an update once it is live.

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The feature is now generally available and documented here Add additional audio tracks · Cloudflare Stream docs

This is exactly what we needed, but we are using the Stream player. When will Stream player support audio tracks?

Hi, @zaid
That’s great news. Thank you
But there is no language support in API. Only label. And they all looks like English.

@mickie hi, could you please validate a bug i’ve reported above?

Hi there.

Any chance to look at the bug I’ve reported above?

Hi @irvinebroque @zaid please take a look at my previous messages. Tracks are labeled like English and there is no option to change language attribute for audio track