New icloud account & cf registrar domain for beginner

I used the iCloud option to set up a custom domain name through Cloudflare and am now unable to finish setting it up because I’m unable to make the changes on the Cloudflare system. I am an absolute beginner and have no idea how to navigate any changes to the system, Apple have spent 3 weeks trying to help but are unable to and now I’m unable to get any support from Cloudflare. Starting to think the whole thing useless waste of time and money. Can anyone offer a solution that I’ll be able to put in place with my limited skills and understanding?

Can you login at using the username & password you created? It’s how you logged in to this Community. From there, it looks like you need to set up some DNS records that point to your site.

Go to your domain, click create a root domain record to go to

Fantastic #tutorial on this site to get you started…and we’re just a post away if you have questions. Good luck!

BTW, on the screen & screenshot you shared on your ticket, did you click Authorize? I have added myself to that ticket and link to this conversation, but I suspect our systems will cycle through and auto close it soon as it is not billing, account nor registrar related. But, we can help you here.

Hi Cloonan! Thanks for responding.

Yes I can login. I’ve been to this site you linked and followed the instructions to create a root domain record but I get the error message that a CNAME record with that host already exists…


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