New hosting with same domain and DNS already in Cloudflare. will work together?

How can I have my domain name in Cloudflare and my website in a new hosting company?
The DNS of my domain exampleDOTcom are already in Cloudflare. I bought the domain and hosting with Justhost several years ago. I only renew the domain and not the hosting service. Now I have a new hosting service with another company “yourhost” and I want to keep my website with the Cloudflare service working together with my domain, and my website in the new hosting. My question is this:
Do you think I need to remove the DNS from and redirect to my new hosting “youhost” and then install worpress in my new hosting, create my page, etc. and then re-direct them DNS from “exampleDOTcom” to Cloudflare?

Do not change your nameservers away from Cloudflare!

All you need to do is go to your Cloudflare control panel and change the DNS records to reflect the IP addresses of your new host.

ok. Thank you for your help

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