New hosting company nameservers

I’m changing hosting service and my hosting company is asking me to point DNS nameservers to their DNS nameservers. Do I simply create NS records pointing to the nameservers they specify?

You didn’t provide any details about your current setup.

  1. Is your domain registered with Cloudflare? If so, you cannot change nameservers at all. But that does not mean you cannot point your domain to your new host.

  2. If your domain is NOT registered with Cloudflare, do you want to STOP using Cloudflare’s CDN/WAF services completely? If NOT, then do not change the nameservers as doing so will stop all Cloudflare services from working on your website.

In both instances above, what you need to do is not change your nameservers, but update your DNS records to point your domain to the new host.

If you want to continue to use Cloudflare’s services, tell your new host as such and they’ll give you the necessary information you need to update your DNS records to point your domain to their servers.


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