New host new pages still showing old pages

move to a new host but my site pages show old pages from my old host
try to find fix for this cant find any answer
please anyone help on this

Try going to the Caching tab and clicking “purge everything”, this should remove old files from the Cloudflare cache.

Have you changed the DNS records in Cloudflare to point to your new host?

yes i did change the new DNS
and at puzzle why my website domain name still show the old pages
at first i though maybe its not “resolving” yet but its already months more than 4 months already. ??? why ? how should i fix this ?

try to delete my domain name Cloudflare account so as to delete all settings and contents then i add again my domain name to Cloudflare there it is again
i try to change my DNS out of cloude flare direct to my new host it work fine
but when change back to Cloudflare there it is the old files and pages

i include my 2nd domain name the same happen

and yes i also “purge everything” but no it still there

yes i " purge everything" every time i visit Cloudflare the old files is still there

okay i visted again my 2nd website and it already resolved to the new pages
but my 1st domain name still have the old pages

What is the domain name?
i used to offer hosting but my host partner remove my domain to there hosting system so i move my domain name and used it for other pages
when i move to Cloudflare it shows my old files
removing my domain out of Cloudflare to direct host DNS works fine
but when i move again to Cloudflare the old files shows
why ?

make sure your DNS points to your new IP address. Your website isn’t even behind Cloudflare, meaning your www or @ record are :grey: clouded, when they should be :orange:.

i did that before
nothing happen
so i turn it on then nothing happen
i turn it off nothing happen

i just did turn i on again
and check my domain name
maybe it will resolved in sometime
but i did that , also tried to delete my deleting my Cloudflare account so that all records should be deleted.
then i add again my domain name the same thing happen

@Judge The SSL cert is coming up for me as issued to The nameservers are and

If you turn the A record to :grey: does the site work correctly?

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