New here, need some assistance

I’ve just joined Cloudfare in order to point my DNS nameservers somewhere to get my email working before building a site and attaching it to my domain. I’m not technically minded, but was recommended to open an account on here, and now totally regretting it because I’ve contacted support 4 (FOUR) times and nobody responds. The first time I wrote to them it took 2 days to send a half-assed response with a link to a useless tutorial which didn’t address my issue and assumed all sorts of knowledge on where to find the pages they were after. I would like to say I’m pleased to join this community but as yet, it sucks really, given my situation and the fact that every time you hit ‘support’ links to contact them it gives an error message saying ‘too many requests’ … PLEASE could YOU perhaps offer a little bit of help pretty please? I don’t get where I am meant to find MX Record thingies on my G Suite account nor where to put them and how etc etc. I just need my damn email working and I’ve been without it for nearly 3 weeks. Please can anyone help, and not just point me towards another mind-numbing ‘help’ article or tutorial??! I’d be incredibly grateful. Really pissed at Cloudfare quick frankly.


These are specific instructions for setting up GSuite MX records on Cloudflare.

The only thing is that, for example, in my Admin Console the entries are different (the last two at least which are on a different domain, rightly so).

These will work just fine though.

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