New here. I need someone to check if my images are being served with CF

I use Siteground host & purchased the CF hosted plan, Elegant Theme Divi, Wordpress, Woocommmerce.
Can someone tell me if my images are being served as cache? My google & GT Metrix page speeds telling me none of my images are converted (F score) its been over 72 hours since purchasing my Premium CF plan. My image URL still contains ‘wp-content’ in the URL Here it is;
Here is the product URL
Trying to find out if I need to give Siteground and/or upload some code in my directory to accept CDN caching whilst using Elegant Theme Divi. Have a feeling I may have conflict issues with ET.

There is no such Cloudflare plan. If you purchased this from Siteground you need to contact them.

Sure, it always will.

It’s getting cached just fine


Though you don’t need a paid plan from Siteground for that. Cloudflare will cache on the free plan too.

Thank you Sandro.
Yes, i purchased the additional plan ‘Premium CF’ through Siteground $16/mnth - for Polish and WebP compression (have given up on WebP for now) - just need images served as cache.
So in addition to Status 200ok - I really think there is still an issue. This is my GT Metrix report
(I have also recently redirected my URL to www)
I read that wordpress & Elegant Themes may require additional coding to accept and redirect to CF cdn, but this doesnt seem right to me as I would have thought that caching was all automatic …

Images are cached by Cloudflare by default and are being cached in your case.

As for Wordpress, I am afraid that would be off-topic for the forum here and you best ask in a Wordpress specific forum.

Caching itself works fine.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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