New .gov domain

I’m trying to add a .gov domain to my account. I have already been approved for the domain and am now setting it up. Part of the process is I have to enter my nameservers with the .gov registrar, and they will verify they are active before making the update. CF wants to verify I have the nameservers listed correctly with the registrar before activating the domain. I’m in a catch-22 since neither will update without the other updating first. What do I do?

I have read the same from someone else a few days ago. The expectation that a nameserver should serve records for a domain before becoming the nameserver for that domain is completely nonsensical and you should ask your registrar to stop doing that.

You want them to change the nameservers and they should just do that and not cause problems for people.

The same happened a few days ago with Afrihost - the solution there was to create an A record for the domain before they allowed a change of nameservers.

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