New Gateway Settings & User Information

Just curious if its intended behavior that the iOS Warp app doesn’t appear to capture and send User Email, User ID or Device ID to things like DNS logs despite being installed and logged into the Cloudflare for Teams account.

I also just noticed a possible update to the Warp app on iOS that means the DoH domain is pushed out to the device upon login to the Teams account, which is a nice feature.

I’ve just logged in to see the new settings menu in Cloudflare for Teams. I’ve gotta say, I like the idea that all account settings are in the one spot now rather than set across many different pages and menu options.

However I’ve noticed some odd behavior where settings don’t appear to be having the desired impact. For example the default for Activity Logging under Network → General appears to be disabled, but Gateway is certainly logging DNS requests from my Location and WARP configured devices. This option would lead me to believe that should be disabled at the moment. I tried turning it on and I got a green success message but when I went back into the menu, it was disabled again.

Has anyone else observed similar behavior?