New free cloudflare user

Entered password, then we’re supposed to enter a site or route domain. But I don’t have a website, nor do I want one. All I want is to be able to obtain the free cloudflare protection. Not possible unless I have a website?

What do you want to protect?


Thanks for getting back to me. Tried navigating the site offering free cloudflare for my Android 9 cellphone, but attempt was unsuccessful.

Cloudflare WARP might be what you are looking for?


So thanks again for replying, except I don’t understand whether or not cloudflare only works if someone has a website or domain. I’m left assuming that that’s correct, given your reply,

You haven’t replied to this very critical question:


Positive I did, ref. ‘my cellphone’, no?

Already used the kindly provided link for Did this as my query wasn’t directly answered, ref. ‘does/doesn’t cloudflare work for those not having a website and/or domain?’, as such was left assuming that replies indicated cloudflare doesn’t support cell phones, thus my now using Thanks for all replies.

One of the others can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the phone app (and DNS servers etc) is a creation of CloudFlare (CF).

It serves a different purpose (attempts to speed up the DNS resolution portion of browsing the internet) to the CF products dedicated to protecting websites (CDN, DDOS protection, etc)

You tried getting free Cloudflare for your cellphone. It’s not clear what product and functionality you’re after.

It sounds like you’re interested in the WARP product. WARP is just a fast VPN for cellphones. It doesn’t provide any protection for your phone, other than to stop local snooping by an ISP.

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Thanks for all the replies. It looks like I got what I was looking for, VPN ability. Happ-e-trails to all.

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